It was a treat, for me this time.  Never been, always heard about and clearly the ideal thing to do on a mid Winter’s morning in the Wine lands; take in the Reds, the Golds, the Maize and Scarletts – in landscape and bottle. I was going to experience Fairview, a wine Estate situated on the Suid-Agter Paarl Road, Suider-Paarl.

For a nominal fee, a paired wine and cheese tasting is available in a setting reminiscent of monasteries and convents, for me – an imaginary film set of candles and alcoves, black wrought iron and hidden below, caves of dust and four hundred year old liquid.  Sorry? ah back to the real world, but it is so pretty in the Wine tasting room.

I do however, fear goats, and Callan who was part of the party, loathes them (a childhood memory involving goats at their very worst) so the smell of said, and then a little ‘goat’ tower, first sighting on arrival, was unexpected.

dsc_0136.jpg-nggid03242-ngg0dyn-320x210x100-00f0w010c011r110f110r010t010Guess I did not do my research as the Fairview name is synonymous with Goats (check out the labels and the name of the restaurant).  Veering carefully beside the … and why does the lyrics of the ‘Sound of Music song ‘The lonely Goatherd’ now pop into the head:

‘High on a hill was a lonely goatherd
Layee odl, layee odl layee-oo’

We digress. Ummm.  For those who do love the Chèvre, this is heaven – a nibble and sip kind of heaven.  Wine and cheese, before lunch.  Signed up for the wine tasting first – a choice of six on the wine list.  So what is your fancy?  For me it was a variety of the Chardonnay, the Sauvignon, a Pintotage (of course, we are in South Africa) and the last two, suggested by the sommelier (fabulous by the way)  Spitting all the way for me, driving and feeling tipsy is not my idea of a well spent day.  Of course we were in Nirvana with the citrus, grass, butter and wood shaving aromas in the wines – our Sommelier was brilliant, informative, patient and most important, without the grandeur of a Connoisseur looking down as the proverbial at us uneducated.  (Have done the Cape Wine Academy course, but still way, way away from being an expert)

The Cheese tasting was in one word, delicious.  Some in the group are never going to come around to the Goat’s cheese way of life, but I found some options, strong but ideal for the more robust reds.  Sticking to the creamy ones with the Chardonnay and with the Chenin’s, it’s the flavoured cheeses with figs and cranberries – in the basket.


Thought the winter brings a quietness to Fairview and the other Wine Estates in the Western Cape, it brings a different kind of grandeur.  A grand lady deur. At her table, bolder wines and stronger cheeses are perfect, and to encounter the finest of these, the view, the ambiance, to Fairview you should go.

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