To be honest …

Sometimes it takes leaving the place you grew up in, the place you called ‘home’ for a very long time, to realise the beauty of what you left behind.  Not exactly left behind because we are the blessed ones, we live in London and in South Africa.  Few can claim to have the best of both worlds, but we think we do. Not always easy, rootless in many aspects, but nevertheless, life has taken us on this path.

The vibrancy and ever giving London is a gift.  Everyday is different, immersed in culture, architecture, theatre and the arts, London is different every day.  She continues to give, over and over again.  A haven for the ‘otherness’ of all – we are all accepted, challenged, gifted and allowed to be whatever we want to be.  From the grand to the ordinary, London is the most exciting city to live in and we are amazed, every single day, as to her gifts she offers us to grow.

The closeness of Europe.  Our friends in South Africa travel great distances to places in Europe we have on our doorstep. Great fans of Eurostar and a day in Paris, summer in Italy, Greece and all the other countries that lie so close and present so much.  And England?  Little country pubs, magnificent gardens, shores and history, all wrapped up in scones and cream on a magnificent day.  And yes, the winters are tough, very tough, but Christmas in London is like no other.

Blessed for sure. And then …

To describe the hold South Africa will have forever more?  Is it the people?  The beaches meeting majestic mountains? The wildlife of great lions on the savannah and springbok leaping as if born of air?  Could it be the open veld, the sheer, overwhelming space? From golden wheat to African rhythm?  Night stars so blinding in the sky to witness beside an open fire? Silent rivers with silent crocs and hippos blowing bubbles? Busy penguins and whales that throw the surf? Perhaps it’s the languid lunches in the wine lands of the Cape, or the clicking of languages at the flower stalls? Early game drives, late nights in Joburg and the wild coast?  

From landing and knowing that different is possible.  Africa awaits.

 Beauty in safari. Beauty in gardens, vineyards, on beaches and high on the mountain pass.  Golden Gate, battle sites of stories of Anglo wars, Zulu wars, English influence in Kwa Zulu Natal, ethic adornment of the Ndebele. South Africa is a million worlds in one – the fusion of tastes, culture, art and heritage. Find the Afrikaners with their unique influence, forged from years of living there.  Find the Indian, Asian, Coloured, English and many African tastes, sounds and lifestyles all meshed to make South Africa what it is today.

Our clients love South Africa and we often ask .. why is that?  It is like no other place on earth they say … and they return again and again. And we know why.  They found a soul place in the world. Be it Cape Town, Kruger Park, the Wine lands, Free State or the bustle of Gauteng, nothing is quite like the route they have taken before. There are many places to travel in the world, but the soul finding of everything in South Africa is what calls them back.

As it does us. We live in London, and live in South Africa. Happy to be here and always ready to ‘go home’ for Africa, once in your blood, never lets you go.

Image Karin Braby