If all New Year’s resolutions of going to the Gym, cutting out the Vino and changing your life have dissipated into thin early mist, fear not.  There is a way to do the work outs and have fun.  Winercize!

Any rational human being would never associate Wine drinking with any other (well, nearly other) physical activity as we all know what one too many tastings may result in.  This is now, us lesser mortals who have a low resistance for strong wine, strong cheeses and strong, bossy people.  So how to enjoy a wonderful South African day, out in the Wine lands with all those tempting varieties to try; and not end up sending drunken texts.? I go back to Winercize.  If you are not on an organised Wine tour, and cannot trust yourself to drive, these may be the perfect options for you.

Walking.  Spectacular wine walks.  Choose from one to three days, and you will truly discover the farms, valleys and mountain trails of the area.  Overnight stays in traditional Guest houses whilst your luggage is transported for you the next day, at the next convivial setting.  The views, the company, the getting to be part of the environment makes it an excellent choice. The pace is leisurely and bound to clear the foggy head if the first stop (as always) is the one of too much eagerness.  Speak to us about Walking options in the Winelands, in great places like Wellington and Franschoek.

Cycling.  It happens.  One does not need to be all geared in Praying Mantis apparel and try to overtake every Ferrari to enjoy this sport.  Cycling used to be a gentle, social activity.  Think Fanny in ‘A Good Year’ avec basket, cotton skirt, sunny day (before the strong, bossy one wiped her out).  That is how cycling should be done and CAN be done in the Wine lands.  This pastime will not only familiarise you with the landscape, you can revert to those childhood memories of getting on the bike, glee and freedom, and the prospect of falling off one, into a ditch or the middle of a vineyard, will keep you on the edge.  Control is the key.

Horse riding.  Mmmm, tricky.  The imagination is not pretty if picturing a singing, tipsy blond on the top of a horse in a vineyard.  Could be dangerous.  Moreover, if you have not been on a horse in a while, could be a novel option and those legs will know all about exercise when you are done.  Winsome, the mare, will most likely also know her way back to the Stables if lost at any point, and you do not need an International Driver’s licence for this one.  Lots of trust more like it.

Seriously, getting outdoors and planning a glorious day of Wine tasting is a brilliant idea.  The operate word here being ‘tasting’ and not guzzling’ for the results will be horrible.  Do not Drink and get on a bicycle or a horse, and not close to a car.  Responsible tourism at all times.  I would love to visit a Wine Farm, have a ‘tasting’. a great lunch and spend a bit of time just chilling till I get back on the bike.  Fun in the sun.  Even the Horse riding sounds like a brilliant day out but I would leave the wine till dinner maybe?

Get away from the drive, stop, drive, follow the GPS for awhile.  This is the perfect way to spend the day in the Wine Lands.  Speak to us about planned itineraries.

Reading back over this, Winercize?  The possibilities xxx



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