I wil never complain of the brightness of early morning sunshine lifting me from sleep.  To stand on a balcony and watch it, high in the sky before the world goes to work.  It’s energising.

To glance upon a pristene beach, the colours shake you into moving. You want to be down there, walking on the sand, letting the waves lap over your feet, and thinking I would be one of the first, I could not wait to walk barefoot again.  Something I have not done for a long time – it’s not permitted on the tube.

But I was one of many.  Six am and the promenade is littered with joggers, mums with babies in prams, dog walkers and surfers out to catch a wave or two before work.  Umhlanga Rocks is beautiful at this time of day.  Beautiful at any time of the day.

My stay at The Oyster Box Hotel was equally so.  It was a treat.  So much so, that I did not leave the building until it was time to leave, why go anywhere else?  From the grand reception area, to the hidden Library and Cinema (free for guests), each room, each public area and restaurant are designed with Interiors worthy of any architectural magazine.  It’s bliss, I kept saying to myself, pure bliss as I ventured from area to area.

IMG_1190 Love the simple touches of dried fruit in the entrance lobby.

My sea facing room proved to gorgeous to leave, so much so that a friend and I decided on dinner, right there, complete with a great bottle of Sauvignon and catch up conversation late into the night.

Totally admit to being a sucker for hotel breakfasts!  So much so that I try to starve myself before and suffer from a ‘food baby’ for the rest of the day.  Choose to sit outside, or close to the buffet, either way you need at least two hours to savour and taste a little of all on offer.  Take my word for it!


Another mention:  The Oyster Box Hotel supports a favourite charity of mine, Liv Village, which is situated close by. Do try to visit it if you are in the area.  I love it when a large, successful business takes the time to reach out to those who need support, so seeing the literature in the Hotel portfolio sort of just made me like this luxury venue even more.  When you do stay, and this is a bucket list place to put on your personal ‘need to do’, take the time to view the Africa Art lined up along the corridors on every floor.


The sadness of The Oyster Box Hotel, is that poor little me is not able to stay there every time I visit Umhlanga Rocks – this is a five star hotel after all, but I am always able to visit her and spend some quality time in one of the many restaurants.  So yes, it was a treat my dear.

The Kwa Zulu Natal Coast has many gorgeous places to stay, and Umhlanga Rocks is one of the best.  A short distance from Durban with its many tourist destinations, and King Shaka International Airport.  Gateway, one of the largest shopping centres in Africa, is a mere ten minutes away.  Excellent base for golf, fishing and other adventure sports. Fancy a spot of surfing or a visit to the Sharks Board?  Taste the famous Durban Curry, but do so at your own risk!  Your days will be filled with the colourful sights of a multi cultural city and if you had more time – venture inland to the beautiful Natal Midlands for a great day out.

At the end of the day, when the sun is leaving this vibrant part of South Africa, try to find yourself on the beach again.  Calming, being at one with Nature – it’s difficult to explain – but you will know what I mean when you do spoil yourself with a trip to Umhlanga Rocks and the gracious Oyster Box Hotel.


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