Fancy that.  Out buying some grape nectar in the Winelands of the Cape, and stumble upon a unique coffee nest on the Goode Rust Wine Farm –  tip from a local.  And not just any local, none other than brilliant winemaker at Lynx wines (and therefore an immediate potential love of mine, thanks to the Blanc de Noir) who tells me there is this place … good coffee and even gives directions, and waves good-bye as I overcome a difficult road in my Spark hired car.

Now of course,  I do know the road into Franschoek, and the instinctive flicker to the right into Happy Valley Road, but this drive way … this known coming upon a sort of umm .. establishment, no, no never before.  Windy day too, so the two chairs hugging the table for what seemed to be the outside area looks decidedly ‘wall flowerish’.

Then there it is.  Well two things are, is, are:  Two things happen.

  1.  I am the last person on the continent of Africa to discover Terbodore.  Deflating feeling of being the absolute last one.  Feeling the euphoria of entering to the smell of roasted beans, wood shavings and cloth of sack.  John Wayne moment.  NO! NO!  The name is spread far and wide, the reputation set and I felt as if I joined the party when post the fat lady finished her song.  Still, they were kind and gave me a flat white.
  2. Become converted.  Sipping the flat white whilst mama is parked in the parked Spark, I realise I have discovered a coffee worthy of my love.  So much so, and I am writing this back in London, the withdrawal symptoms are acute.  I need more Terbodore, bring IT TO ME!

IMG_9682  Note to all – the packaging of metallic Christmas light/tinsel colours is a win – please give a workshop on excellent packaging for optimum effect, thanks.

Of course I am gushing.  I am writing this far away from my Terbodore fix and this makes sensitive souls of the best of us.  Forgive me for being so slow on uptake and first cup (originating in the Midlands of Natal where I lived for many years and regret to say, had not a single idea you were there either, dim woman)  .. and if you are ever in need of a fan base manager in the UK – totally have the hand up in the air.

Love this coffee, love the experience and thanks again Helgard … (ps need a newsletter update to keep up please)



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