We love bloggers.  We love blogging.  Great stories, sources of information and at times, real advisors for what you are looking for.

We follow many travel bloggers, and read many more. Times they make me wish we were there and times we cringe at the misinformation spread and taken literally.  Won’t even go into the awful spelling and grammatical errors made (which should send warning signs) but when travel bloggers spend one night, or a few days somewhere, even though they are giving their honest account, they fail to see the repercussions their words may have on others, such as:

  • A myopic view of a destination.  Often these bloggers are young and travelling around the world on a skinny budget, hence their accommodation may be frugal (and filthy).  Back packing hostels are often found in the inner cities, not highly recommended but there are some hostels that are awesome. May have had a bad experience?  Does not mean every tourist should avoid the destination.
  • A blog stays forever.  Times change, politics change and people change.  Take care when a damning blog, or even an excellent testimonial is outdated.  Don’t take recommendations at face value.
  • Crime got you?.  This could be anywhere in the world.  Vigilance is important and the circumstances may be wanting.
  • People are still living there, and happy.
  • Every country needs tourism and negative blogging can do much damage.
  • A quick visit does not a lifetime make for those who work hard to create a beautiful destination.  
  • Everyone is entitled to their opinions, just see the bigger picture.

The point is, when planning a trip, bloggers are incredibly useful for background research, but ultimately it is still those in the travel business who are in touch with what is really happening, where the best places are for your budget, and able to offer advise on the ultimate trip.  This is our job, we need to be on top of things, involved on a daily basis. We work with each other to become smarter, more diligent and our reputations are important to us.

 Paradise lost? This could be anywhere.

In our business, it is important to keep up with the best travel bloggers, for they are an amazing source of information and photography.  For them it is a business too. We blog ourselves. We have discerned which are the best, and the most passionate about the stories of the places and people they visit.  Good bloggers should be honest, and professional.

London Green Africa specialises in travel around the world, but in particular London, and South Africa.  Many stories of late pertaining to both destinations and yet, here I am in London, going about my life as normal.  I travel to South Africa regularly and am always amazed at how incredible the growth in the tourism sector continues. Being street smart is important anywhere you go, but we know how the land lies.

So dear travel bloggers, be responsible when you write – 

As the saying goes:  ‘First do not harm …’



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