Plenty of wine farms in the Stellenbosch/Franschoek area (fancy and for the tasting) but again, I venture back today, a week left in South Africa, in need of the favourite.  Like the comfy jumper; the medicinal chocolate.

London and I covet this wine, slogging the pavement back home after a long day, but I am on holiday now and close enough to stock up on the Chardonnay, the Chenin and those blood delicious reds, that suit.  Môreson suits me.  Besides, I know La Famille (even the dog whose picture beautifies the bottle.)  Die hard in the veins.

Mom says Bread and Wine is her favourite restaurant and over the hill and far away we go – gale force wind notwithstanding.  Alas, mum is fretful at being blown over along the walk, rather long, so I opt to dash and dispatch.

IMG_9654  The setting is stuff of ‘My Secret Garden’ which no visitor can but be moved by first impression.  Careful landscaping invites entry to a magic place.  Running stream, bright Clivias, Lavender, the grey of Helichrysum and Ice Berg roses I can only associate with South Africa – it is  a Bridal Arch of elegance.  The coolness of dappled shade at Bread and Wine calls for long lunches on Wedgwood blue – and things are afoot here!   Plans a plenty, building in motion – surprises await. I am thinking of the sleeping giant …

As always, the staff are warm and welcoming.  Not here for tasting, I answer politely, I have tasted them all, want them all, but for now a case of light white will suffice.



The Exotic Plant Company is no longer aboard, so there is massive potential waiting to happen in its place. Kept wondering what was going to happen to the trillions of lemons, ripe and dragging branches to the ground in the orchards surround the venue.

Could not stay long, mum falling asleep in the warmth of the car.  It’s ok, another day and down the Happy Valley Road to the next port of call – another wine farm to explore.

IMG_9660 Môreson is expanding in the US on a large scale, wish I could find it more easily in the UK, but more importantly, it remains one of my favourite ‘to do places’ in South Africa.