The wings are on again, and I am off again. Back to London after ten days of the good life in South Africa.  Excited to get back to the Global city and sad to leave the Mother city, but I guess I am just plain lucky to be able to live in two such incredible places.

Waiting to leave for the airport (and I hate this waiting game, don’t you?  Knowing you can’t really do anything else, but don’t want to get there too early and hang around).  Writing this missive from the veranda with a view of the Helderberg mountains.  It’s hot (and I have to don the winter gear for that bracing 6am landing) so I am soaking it up.  Saturday afternoon laze as I remember it well.  Time for gardening, going for a drive, watching sport on the telly or organising a braai this evening.

So different to the way one views things from far away.  So I thought I would touch on those ‘issues’ before I leave.

  • Never felt threatened or nervous.  Feel as if you have to avoid eye contact or be guarded.  Instead I had full on conversations with the car guards (the friendliest people) and they are more fluent in French (from the Congo) than I could ever be.
  • Not a single episode of ‘load shedding’ but preferred the candle light outside anyway.
  • Rediscovered the Free State’s beauty and space.  After the rains has a whole new meaning there.
  • Friends don’t change. Neither does the coffee at Woollies.
  • Feel awkward when someone else puts petrol in my tank.
  • The Wine lands, though hot, are taking on autumn hues.
  • Lunch at Bread and Wine on the Moreson Wine Estate is always a to do for me.
  • The beer tastes better because super cold is still the norm.
  • Entrepreneurs are embracing South African heritage in new and bold designs.
  • always makes my eighty eight year old, wheelchair assisted mother feel like she is the most important person in the world.
  • I forgot how beautiful the Kwa Zulu Midlands was.
  • We need a Kauai in London.
  • Foreign tourists are everywhere, and perhaps not buying farms but building homes here.
  • Reading South African authors in Afrikaans is a privilege .  The language is lyrical.
  • Would love to fly first class to take all I want to buy back with me. Love to fly first class.
  • South Africans are innovative and big thinkers.
  • Talking about politics is not the main topic of conversation.
  • Its the people, not the politics that makes this a great country.

For a while I will have the best time in summer England, cannot wait, but am planning the next trip out here already.

This relic from Africa has her wings, but she knows how proud she is of Africa.

Image:  Design Team.


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  • March 15, 2015 at 11:54 am

    So lovely to read such a warm positive story about the love of a country that we share – made me all warm and fuzzy inside. xx

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