Ecca Kwandwe


Look closely.  Look at all that space.  Terrain.  Totally indulgent.

Imagine dipping in the pool, sitting at the side of said pool and taking in this view. Ecca is one of the Lodges part of the Kwandwe family.  And you can get to have a part of the magic.

Now take that imagination a little bit further.  The Big Five, and by that I mean THE BIG FIVE in a Malaria free zone in the Easter Cape.  You have done the Garden Route, sipped cocktails in Camp’s Bay, and want to finish your trip on that proverbial highlight.  This is it – so pick a luxury lodge, you do the picking because I just love the idea of lying in a super fancy bath and looking out over all this!  No need for a tent or effort involved (remember the pitching of poles and cramped spaces – and then waiting for the roar of a lion between you and canvass?) this is travelling in style.

kwandwe14_059  Anyone for Tea, Gin, a little tipple before the descent of dusk?  This is how Safari’s should be.  Game Drives, real, live animals and accommodation that makes you weep with joy after the dusty day.

This is how I like to travel.  So if you are planning a trip to the Cape; for sun, sea, mountains and safari, Kwandwe is a to do in the itinerary.

We can help you turn the vision into reality.

Kwandwe – can do.

pic c/o Kwandwe

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