It nearly five o’clock.  For some, close to wine ‘o clock – baby it’s Friday!  Never more so than for the meagre working class, the weekend looms.  What are your Friday plans?

Sort of person ready for the dinner party?  Conversation Diva, drinker of champagne and witty anecdotes?  You have been planning this for a couple of days, and Friday night is going to be the real beginning of your weekend.  Perhaps you are meeting at a restaurant in the city, at someone’s home, but the more the merrier for you, being surrounded by plenty of like minded people.

NO dinner party, but the Braai.  The Braai with a Capital B.  Casual central.  That’s you.  South Africa late evening, curling smoke signals up to the sky, the ice cold one.  Can smell the meat, hear the sizzle, this sort of Friday night activity is like walking through a telepathic garden, inspiring all the senses.

gotrendonline.comNot just for those uninvited and alone.  Some want the Friday night wind down.  The ‘self cleaning oven’ scenario.  Cannot wait to leave humankind behind, find the nail polish and line up the beauty regime.  Is this mostly the ladies?  Hair in Towel, defuzzed, popcorn on the table and the usual, always the before seen movie ready to go.  For some, Friday night is anything but festive, its restorative in preparation of the quieter weekend.  Wine and popcorn are a match made in heaven.  Chocolate and wine and popcorn are a match made in heaven.

Londoners.  Those who loiter on the sidewalks outside the pubs until the rush hour passes.  Which could be at 10pm by which time finding the tube station is a riddle to be solved.  Have passed many a wasted passenger over to the TLF team to fathom the end destination with them.  Some just go all the way to the end, waking up in Dover.  And they do it every subsequent weekend, without fail.  Falling asleep on the late subway shift – you have to see it to experience the image, lots of lolling about.  Comical.  Not your Friday night?

Then of course.  You have seen the movie (seriously?), devoured the book and now that 50 Shades came back into Vogue for about five minutes – ‘touch me, touch me ‘ before the yawning, you have the secret cupboard ready for Friday night.  Uh, ummm ….

Whatever your Friday night, I am on my way, when the weary day is done, to London Bridge.  Meeting up with the family for dinner at one of the many restaurants on the South Bank.  The view post dinner along the Thames is one of the most magical in my world.  Shapes, colours, the river running through it.  Reminds me that this River has been rolling along forever, London been around for thousands of years and rather delighted I am part of the Grand Scheme of things.



Enjoy your beginning to the weekend, where ever you are.  Happy Friday everyone!!!



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