These two fellas must be my current, or possible, long time favourites.  They are reasonably old, Greek Mythology old, and go by the names of Hermés and Dionysus.  Hermés messenger of the gods (and a label I adore), and Dioynus (or Roman Bacchus) the god of wine – for obvious reasons.

The fact that they are in the British Museum is contentious at best.  Part of the Elgin Marbles, carried from the Acropolis in Athens and still here.  The Greeks want them back.  No-one is saying anything.

Unfortunately I was not alone on my bench, simply staring at them.  Note to self:  do not venture to the Museum for a quiet adoration when Primary school outings take place, groups of foreign school children are present and bored, and hoards of tourists take a million pictures, which I am sure they will hardly look at again.  The din would make the Sphinx’s next door squirm and I am sure Athena herself would be most displeased.

Nevertheless, it was inspiring to simply, be there.  Art transcends history, it speaks of actual humans that carved stone and painted wood; who prayed to gods for rain and mercy.  Reminds me that life as it is, is not so bad and we would look rather odd wearing tunics and sandals on the tube.  It humbles me that some still want to preserve history and culture, for free, like yesterday, so that I may share this for generations to come.

I love these little outings.  Despite the gloom of clouds and grey, the odd shower which stops as you take out the brolley, the thrill of standing before greatness, never fails to lift my spirits.

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