ISD3_grandeIsobel Sippel is a muse.  My muse. An ethereal presence that partakes of dreams and beautiful objects.  And a gift of words.  When I think of Isobel I think of clouds and apricots, of waves and wisps – of tulle and silver vaults.  In France.

We met years ago when she was designing children’s clothing.  We have stayed friends and I follow her missives with a childish glee.  She makes me want to go home again, back to the days of the back yard and riding bikes, counting stars.  I feel wonderworldly when I meet up with her, and now, her latest adventure are these fabulous cushions she painstakingly brings to life.

25561_117062048312794_883821_n Lifestyle stores and magazines in South Africa are fawning and exposing her Shibori designs.  The dullest sofa brought to life with liquid art, is it pulsating as a heart, revealing as a lie detector or simply leaking into the atmosphere?  That’s what I love about them, bold reds, golds and the blue of messy ink.

Mother of two equally talented women, the family of which I shall speak later, her lust for the beauty in life will lift any spirit.  She wants love, romance and Paris.  I can relate. We sing with similar notes, but unlike me, she is the creator, the artist, the dreamer of textiles and patterns and light.  I love what this South African designer does, her ethos and her classical belief in elegance.  We shall see, read and hear more of her.

DSC_0266_grandepics c/o Isobel



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