I found in England that
the vegetables, they had no...
Had no soul. No life.
You see?
One Hundred Foot Journey.

This is not quite true is it?  I have found markets in London (whilst doing the tours with Coutours
showcasing the finest Fruit and Vegetables, from field to fork, seen anywhere in the world.  Not that tragic, but ONE step into Woollies, my darling Woollies, and all the 'heimwee' returns.  With the insidious need to actually EAT everything I remember from childhood, and cannot find in England.

That is week one:  Beginning of week two is the guilt.  The remorse.  The over it stage.  We shall not talk of this.

Do you ever go through this?  Occasionally we do go to the South African shops in London and stock up on the Biltong and rusks, but it's coming back to visit South Africa that the monster muncher kicks in and simply have to have a taste of the following again:

Feta Cheese:  Most of the Feta Cheese in England is made of Sheep's and Goat's milk.  Understandably but we South African's make our Feta with mainly cow's milk.  Yum, crumbly feta.  Needless to say a tub does not last long - feta on everything please!  Bacon, Avo and Feta - was this once known as the 'god's food?'

Avo - In South Africa, saying 'Avo' is like saying 'Hey'  - Avo is part of our National language and we actually see them hanging from trees so its tree to fork here.  Soft, creamy, smooth Avo is an essential in season - can one imagine living without them?  Love them here and overdose has been known to happen.

Chicken sausages and Chicken Sausage Rolls:  Like only Woollies can make them.  Then I get sick of them, until next time.

Muesli Rusks.  Care of Woollies.  My suitcase on return can be called the Rusk mobile.

Rolled Fruit:  The kind you pull from your teeth and spend the rest of the day digging out of your teeth but oh, so good.

Check out this article, and we agree, better to eat this in South Africa - the atmosphere situation of course.

Do you have favourites when you come to South Africa, be it home or on holiday?  

Images Eat Out

Bunny Chow and Ribbetjies from a great article in Eat Out