So it’s a sunset pic, but I will tell you why.

I could post magnificent pictures of the many landscapes of South Africa.  The vast wheat lands of the Free State, the tropical splendour of Kwa Zulu Natal.  I could post pictures of the Jacarandas in Gauteng and the the wine lands of the Cape Province, but it is the sunsets I miss the most when in England.

A South African in England is privileged too. Her beauty of Hills and Dales are unsurpassable – the vibrance of London is unique. I am so privileged to call both home.  But is is when this swallow returns, it is the sunsets that she remembers and finds hard to describe.  An African sunset, be it in the bush or on the beach, that is unmatched anywhere.  There is a descendent of peace around. The bush quiets, the lowing of cattle on the plains, the subsiding of heat from the day that brings about this moment, this sunset of sillouette figures, calm on the earth that brings about the most profound peace in my heart.

The brash thrill of the Hadida lulls.

The African beat of life falls into a murmer.

It is my happiest time.  I think of toil during the day, of heat and movement as the cities beat, the countryside toils and the surf roars, but it is in the sunsets that Africa forgives the day.  And I am feel I am home again.

One thought on “Back in Beautiful South Africa. Sunset love.

  • October 22, 2017 at 6:35 pm

    You describe so beautifully what I also feel when I am home in South Africa. We used to see the most beautiful sunsets from the home I grew up in, then from the home my mother moved to after my father died, then, as you say, there are the sunsets in the bush and from the beach. Actually, your description makes me yearn to be back in SA right now … even with all its problems and crime, there is no other place in the world (at least that I have seen) that moves me like SA does.
    Enjoy your time in that gorgeous place. Spring is putting on its best display for you right now and all I pray for is rain for that magnificent part of the country; the Western Cape.
    Sadly, our prolonged drought in California caused a lot of old growth trees to die. I saw it happen in Natal and it’s bound to happen in the Cape too.

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