Zeit MOCCA is a spiritual experience.  A disused silo in the heart of Cape Town’s waterfront, transformed by the genius of Thomas Hetherwick into a Cathedral.  She bows in awe to this gift.

Nine floors and 6000sqm of space for the people of Africa to honour their own.  The transformation, whist keeping the the organ shaped silos, lifts the eye to a heaven of architectural design.  It is an overwhelming feeling to stand at the core.  A beehive of concrete that moulds and moves in a circular dance before your eyes – upward and upward to go for art.

Savour the ascent.  Rooms move fluidly around and up again, in a spiral, a fusion of bold colour, natural materials and topical art.  There are stories here, each one multi layered and deep.  The silence, a cocoon in this nest of raw material, nature inside, paint explosions, photographic sagas.

To explain Africa is an ever perplexing issue.  To witness her history and present life is found within these walls.  Ever changing, never ceasing, always interesting.

This is not the tourist take on South Africa.  This is the real Africa.  The Zeit MOCCA will change your view, deepen your perception of all you thought you understood about this continent and once again, the English are here, in the form of Thomas Hetherwick, to take the old and breath life into the building, but to simply call it a building is not justified.  It is an edifice, a monument, a cathedral to the human spirit.


It is a must to encounter the Zeit MOCCA museum of contemporary African Art.  So take a few minutes in the atrium and look up. The building will sing to you.  The chorus is ready to lead you on to something magnificent.  To an experience that will leave you changed.









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