‘So tell me again how you got here?’

There are those who spend months, even years, planning the Ultimate Trip.  Then there are those who ‘got the ticket will travel’ and make up their itineraries as they go.  Head lands on a pillow somewhere sort of people.

The latter more than often have an amazing time, but I am not one of them, to sleep where I find a bed, get up and see what’s on the travel menu for the day.  Have to plan everything in the minutest detail, which avoids any unforeseen dramas and stress.  Have plan, happy person.

Particularly when it comes to travelling through South Africa.  As with most places, some of the areas are a little more tricky.  Going off the beaten track of familiar destinations is fabulous, one must explore many of the gems the country has to offer, but not knowing more about how and where to stay, I think is limiting at best, and often dodgy at worst.  There are no-go areas in any country, travelling at night is not recommended and many of the better types of accommodation will be sold out by the time you arrive there at dusk.  I wouldn’t even travel through Europe without knowing where my little bed is going to be in advance.

don’t count myself that lucky to hop on a bus, get in a car or go walkabout when travelling and not get stressed.  Others find the adventure of it all exhilarating.  Which type of traveller are you?

Going to South Africa does require planning, especially if you want to do a safari.  Mostly found in Game Lodges, and of course Kruger National Park, beds have to be secured in advance. Gates close for the night. Some wine estates don’t offer public wine tastings (imagine getting there all fired up to find a locked entrance). Find out when the whales come. Which restaurants and spa’s are available for you to try.

Our clients tend to be luxury travellers, happy to spend the days exploring but require a lovely place to stay for the night.  Hostels are there for the happy backpackers, but our clients want more quality for their journey.  It takes an enormous amount of planning, which we do with love, to offer them the very best South Africa has to offer. Combining the safari, bush and city visits with self drive, transfers and confirmed reservations. Seasonal planning is important.  We know, we live there, we have done the homework.

Times a little improvisation is wonderful.  South Africa is so much more than the usual landmarks so famous.  Smaller guest farms offer a different kind of experience.  Climbing up mountains for those dreamy views, abseiling down the other side – going shark cage diving, snorkelling, on a bush walk or simply discovering the alleyways and craft shops in the city.  The perfect itinerary should offer enough time for doing one’s own thing, within a structure of solid confirmations so that you don’t have to panic at the end of the day, or find yourself in a spot you wish you weren’t. 

So, which is it?  Are you the kind of wing-it type of traveller, confident enough to take it day by day, or a planner?  

If your a winger of note, good luck and let us know.  If you prefer to plan to get the very best out of your trip, we have the ideal itinerary to suit your every need.

Images SA tourism,  flysaa and youtube