The simplest idea is usually the best.  And the story behind Africology ‘healing without hurting’ is one the world should be aware of.  There are times when the personal is the premise of a business, and Africology is a very personal affair.

One reads the story of how Renchia, a trained Massage Therapist and Aroma-therapist worked with traumatised victims of violence, developing methods of non-harmful, non-invasive therapies based on the pure and unpolluted elements of the earth.  A holistic sense of marriage between man and what nature can source to heal and nourish.  This is what Africology stands for – to listen to what African nature offers man; to reap and coax the essential oils from her roots, berries and bark. The infusing of teas and water. Slow, deliberate mixing of oils.  Unhurried.

Using Africology is more of a ritual than a routine.  One commits to purity and time.  We will grow old, but should never give up on our bodies, bones and skin.  Will we leave behind chemically drenched rivers and a wasteland of non-biogradable packaging?  Choices are made. To profess peace toward mankind, one must also profess peace towards our environment.











I think one has to live Africa to understand the powers of the Marula, Aloe, and Potato plant, which are three key ingredients in Africology’s make-up.  Rooibos, so distinctive, is another. Long before colonisation, local tribes grasped the healing powers of soil, tree, plant and sun.  The same ethos is applied here in the 21st century, a little more luxurious for sure- something one can never too get little of.  I could wax lyrical for the senses overload one gets.  For those who know me, am I ever without my candles at the end of the day?  Now I can indulge in candles that can soften my skin as the wax is essential oil, just perfect for the post languishing bath experience.  What a lovely thought! Wax lyrical indeed …

Africolgy can be found in many Spas, Game Lodges  and Retreats in South Africa and worldwide.  Need to stock up.

‘Nature never did betray the heart that loved her.’  William Wordsworth.



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