Bev and I have been friends since my first birthday. Have travelled the road of life together, which includes many trips to far off places throughout out the years. Last week we, since my return to South Africa, we wanted to discover a little town called Greyton in the Western Cape.  A first for both of us.

Greyton lies about two hours from Cape Town in the heart of the hinterland, surrounded by mountains and the greenery discovered was in stark contrast to the drought and fire ravaged land encountered on the drive.  Both love road trips, so it’s an often ‘stop for the photo’ sort of drive. Was it an eagle, a buzzard or a kestrel type of stopping to confirm.

The history of Greyton is so much more than the usual. Remarkable in fact when one learns that all who lived there, lived side by side in a mixed community until the politics forced separate race locations. Read more about her history in:

Still the proverbial sleepy town, more so on a Monday and Tuesday we discovered.  We arrived on a Tuesday and almost every place was shut – make a note of this. Working weekends allows for a half day week and though this was disappointing to some extent, it did not dampen our enthusiasm and enjoyment of the few places still offering a good meal and local, artistic wares. Meandering is the operative word, through the myriad of dirt streets to peer into the magical gardens leading to magical houses.

We stayed at The Post House, one of the recommended hotels in the village. Charming.  One uses words like ‘charming, enchanting, quaint, rustic all the time.  The Post House is one of the oldest houses in Greyton, perfectly situated and for these hot and heady days, the pool is a welcome place to spend the afternoon.  Alas again, for this being a Tuesday, the Hotel restaurant was not open, service stopped at 7pm and the Internet was sporadic and absent during the night.  With no television, this brought a flutter to urbanites such as us, and though a lovely place to stay, luxurious is not what I would describe her as. As I said, comparisons are easy, but fundamentally the idea is to escape into this village and enjoy her offerings, The Post House is ideal for this, go, relax and leave the world behind.

The Post House


Life in Greyton is as is should be. Simple living. The locals are a bonded community and proud of their town. Dedicated to her.  On Wednesday everything was open and we were able to secure some of the much desired Lismore wines at the local store. Donkeys lie about and nibble at the grass on the pavements, housing rules are strictly adhered to and the views are magnificent.

This is the place to escape to.  For hikers it is a paradise and we intend to return to do the hike from Greyton to McGregor over the mountain, something to look forward to. A perfect hideaway with friends (as there are many houses to rent for a vacation stay) and if desired, a celebration weekend.  One would not find a better location.

We loved our time in Greyton. Loved the people, the ambiance and the cultural mecca of artists, shop owners, restaurants and coffee shops, all so individual yet all so welcoming.

We will return, perhaps just not on a Tuesday.