10 Reasons why it’s great to be in South Africa right now

So excited for my clients about to leave for South Africa in the summer.  This is a great job, putting together fabulous itineraries – oh yes the sea and safari, or bush and beach option if you like.

Always 10 excellent reasons to be in South Africa, but right now, putting the final touches to another bespoke itinerary, I am more than a little jealous that it’s them, and not me, lifting off.

  • The pound/rand exchange is a given.  Twenty times more for the pound earners, so budget accommodation is upgraded to boutique hotels.
  • Food and wine in the Summertime.  Glorious restaurants inland and on the coast serving the freshest fare and the wines?  World’s best (though France is a favourite) in my eyes.  Spend leisurely lunches tasting the nectar and drooling over the dishes.
  • Whale watching time.  Shark Cage Diving time.  White Water rafting – if adventure sport is your thing, you will need more time to do it all.
  • Golf.  Have to include golf as a client is about to spend an entire month on the Golf courses in South Africa.  Leopard’s Creek, Fancourt, Pearl Valley to name a few, I wonder at the term ‘golf fatigue’ but have managed to convince him to spend at least a day or two on Safari and lounging by the pool.
  • Sunsets.  Cannot beat the sunsets sitting by the lapa, or watering hole as the wild form silhouettes over the rim of your champagne glass.
  • Arts and crafts.  Our local artists offer creations unique to culture, drawing from nature, so spend the morning delving into what they have to offer.
  • Weather.  Cannot beat the warm, hot days and long lazy evenings under stars that will make your heart sing.
  • Health.  Being happy (with a tan) does wonders for you.  Exercise (be it climbing up our mountains) is the perfect way to take in the sights. Eating well, sleeping well, waking up to the sounds of nature is going to change you.
  • Entertainment.  From street buskers to Opera singers, you will be spoilt for the choices presented.
  • Falling in love.  And you will. Be inspired.

As I sit in London, with the darkness already around me, I can only dream of the bush, the beaches and the beauty of South Africa.  Next best thing is sending my clients of a trip they will never forget to a country they will always remember – with love.