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SOUTH AFRICA AND BEYOND Africa has her mysteries, and even a wise man cannot understand them. But a wise man respects them. ~ Miriam Makeba   London Green Africa is a bespoke Travel, Wedding and Event consultancy that believes one

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THE LIBRARY OF THOUGHTS Places to visit. Places to stay. Where to dine, sip the wine and let the stars guide you.

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SOUTH AFRICA … is Nature’s love child.  Wild, spirited, beautiful.  Beguiling, nurturing and wilful.  Lying with Leopards in the afternoon heat and rising with the Drakensberg where the Assegai cries.  Wakes with the vines in liquid sun and beats the

Why London Green Africa

London Green Africa is our own personal love affair. Linking our love to living in London and Cape Town we get the best of all worlds. Beautiful places to travel to, designs and philosophies to live by and gorgeous products to make our lives more beautiful.

Ode to Africa