This week, an American tourist lost her life after being mauled by a lioness in a Lion Park, close to Johannesburg in Gauteng, South Africa.  Katherine Chappell and a tour guide were on a self-drive safari in the camp and the lioness, it’s alleged, leaped through the open window, attacking the woman who was taking photographs at the time.

Much has been said.  Much will be said.  Lions are wild animals, predators and totally unpredictable.

There were sign everywhere to keep windows closed.  So tragic, such a terrible loss.

We are fortunate to go on safari and see these and other magnificent animals in the wild.  Personally, I am not a fan of Lion Parks geared specifically for tourists; prefer to see the wild, in the wild.  Still, we are privileged, in Africa, to experience nature at her best. Highly specialised tours are available, with skilled rangers and experienced guides.  Get advice on the best options available.

Sympathies to her family, and the staff of the Lion Park.