Waterloo Station.  Dark. Cold.  Waiting for my baby shoes, with a bouquet of flowers.  I am not alone.  We are many, tonight, holding bunches of flowers, carrying gifts of love, on our way to meet someone we want to show, just how much we love them.  It’s Valentines time – and for the sceptics, the accusers of the commercial, I want to say … yeah, so what?

How beautiful it is, just to be like this … to show someone just how much you love them.  How much you want to be with them.  To be gushy, mushy, romantic and filled with the joy of sharing those feelings.  It’s uplifting, inspiring and emotionally, just the best way to drive away the gloom, the night, moving closer.

Never shy away from love.  Be afraid to embrace it.  And Valentine’s is not just for lovers.  It is the time to give flowers to a granny all alone, a child who feels vulnerable, a friend who wonders if there will ever be the one.

The overland was packed with flowers.  I cannot tell you the feeling of euphoria to know, that when life is tough, and the world out of kilter, that some things never change.  We need to be reminded all the time, that loving is good.

Poets wrote about it.  Plays sing its virtues.  Lyrics always, always hark to its power.  Lost, found, the one thing we all want.  But we need to give it away to realise just how much it means.

Take my hand, let’s see where it leads us.  It can break your heart, but it can change the world.  So get emotional and be honest.  Love is the craziest high and the deepest low, but it is what keeps us alive, and Valentine’s day is a reminder of it.

To have love, and lost, is greater than never to have felt the arrow of Eros at all.

Happy Valentines to all of you – may you love with passion, live with the expectation of it, and languish in the knowledge that you did.  You loved.  And you gave someone flowers to brighten up their day.  Move closer.


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