First Impressions

Visual attraction. Effective and dynamic strategies.

This is what branding, and marketing is all about. It is all about the story.

We love creating new stories, fixing up stories and getting companies to perform at their optimum level. After all, the reason someone wants to use your product, or service, is the reason you are in business.

Madison has a Master’s degree in International Business. Karen has a degree in living long enough to have gathered the experience about what works, and how to drive business forward. Our close links with executive specialists and those in the know, as the saying goes, helps us create the perfect story board for your business.

Offering advice on what is best for your branding. How best to market your business. Gearing for niche avenues. Advice on using Social Media, press exposure, promotion and events planning. We offer services in copywriting, press releases and ghost blogging as part of our portfolio.

And it is not just about business. It is about you. Your passion, ambitions, creativity – and what makes you want to play in the big pond.

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