My Travel business

      Living in London and in South Africa offers me the best of both worlds. Years of experience in the Travel Industry gives me the opportunity to be selective about travelling to South Africa and London.    


Thoughts in blog

THE DAILY BLOG Doing the Global dance in London.  Moving to the beat of Africa.  Crazy, lovely, unforgettable choreography.


Travel Blog

STORIES OF PLACES I LOVE Curiosity is a wonderful incentive to discover more about London, South Africa, and other favourite places.  History hidden, the present exciting.  Stories waiting to be heard. This is a blog about my travels.  Be they

Why London Green Africa

London Green Africa is our own personal love affair. Linking our love to living in London and Cape Town we get the best of all worlds. Beautiful places to travel to, designs and philosophies to live by and gorgeous products to make our lives more beautiful.

Live beautifully