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Welcome to Londongreenafrica! The name is long, a bit tongue twisterish - but meaningful.

It is said that anything is possible with passion - well we have two.  London and Africa. A passion for discerning travelling experiences, beautiful restaurants, wine and decor. The best of two worlds.

Years of experience in the travel industry enables us to offer you the very best in sophisticated travel.  Be it exotic safari's in Africa, watching the migration or sipping champagne as the sun slinks under Cape Town.

South Africa offers the very best in sophisticated resorts. Boutique hotels of the highest standards to suit your every need. Taste the finest in restaurants, wines and opulent, beautiful decor. We have collected what we think is wonderful, what we love to give you - the finest tours and tastes.

London is our base, the most vibrant and most beautiful of cities. Stature of History, bopping of quirkiness and centre of the global world - overloading the senses as one dips and trips the London fantastic! Don't fall into the 'tourist trap' but experience London the way she should be seen - as a Londoner would.

What makes us different?   Call us social organisers.  Been sent to all the wrong places by all the wrong faces and created our own little book of what we love - to share. Let us take you on a journey - a sophisticated, bespoke experience of the very best.

It is what we love to do - make you feel wonderful in places you will never forget.